Spectator Transportable 15' Bleacher with Aisle, 5 Row


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Product Description

Root for you favorite team in comfort with Spectator Series seating. The GSNB0515WATP transportable bleacher with chain link guardrail and handrailed aisle seats 42 fans on 5 rows of 15' long aluminum seat planks and double 10" wide foot planks. The first row of seating starts at 17" off the ground with 8" rise and 24" row spacing. When play is finished, simply transport the seating to another field or into storage area.
  • Includes wheel kit assembly for tranporting bleachers to another field or location
  • Aisle with handrails provides a convenient and safe way for spectators to enter and exit the bleacher
  • Double foot planks give spectators additional leg room for comfortable viewing

Additional Info

Spectator Transportable Bleachers with Aisles provide versatile mobile seating for facilities needing to transport their bleachers from one field or location to another. These bleachers are the perfect solution for schools, athletic complexes, parks, rodeo arenas, fairgrounds, and any other places that require seating in multiple locations. Aisle with handrail allows fans to enter and exit the bleacher easily and safely. Features aluminum frames with galvanized steel lift angle for added strength while moving. Wheel attachment and drawbar attachment brackets included in each bleacher, eliminating the need to share wheel attachments when moving multiple bleachers. Includes chainlink guardrail. NOTE: THESE BLEACHERS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR OVER THE ROAD USE, MAX 5 MPH TOWING.: : :

Additional Specifications

Brand: GARED
Product Color: Silver
Product Material: Aluminum
Product Finish: Galvanized / Anodized
Country of Origin: United States
Product Play Level: NIRSA, Recreation, Youth

Warranty: : 1 Year

Shipping Method: Truck