Sand Pit Form , 23' , With Ledge , No Catchers


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Sand Pit Form , 23' , With Ledge , No Catchers

has revolutionized the design of sand pit form sand catchers. For far too long, manufacturers have maintained the status quo with regard to design without really thinking through the purpose and functionality of these products. A while back our engineering team decided to break the paradigm and design sand pits that were easier to install and provided better functionality. The result is the new Functional-Form Sand Pit and Catcher System.

This form has a built in ledge to receive an aluminum cover. Corresponding cover systems can be ordered with the forms or (as an extra precaution) after the sand pits have been installed and measured to provide a more precise fit. The sand catcher covers available in two styles: galvanized steel bar grating with a perforated rubber overlay or aluminum sheet metal with a recessed tray to receive track surface.

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