Powr-Line Competition End Standards


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Powr-Line Competition End Standards

Researched, engineered and manufactured to meet the demands of championship play with maximum safety, quick set-up and easy storage. Truly a mark of excellence for years of maintenance-free championship performance. Porter's Powr-Line high strength, lightweight aluminum volleyball system is ready to meet your most exacting demands. The proven Powr-Winch net tensioning mechanism is part of the Powr-Line volleyball system and is sensibly designed and self-adjusting. This positive disc brake release device provides the utmost in a durable, yet safe and simple net attachment system. Porter's tension strap with quick release snap hook eliminates the need for the cable to wrap on the winch drum. This in turn, prevents kinking and fraying, and will add appreciably to the life expectancy of the net. The Powr-Winch is positioned on the standard away from the court for added player safety. Net heights are Olympic competition through elementary height settings as specified by the FIVB, NFHS and the United States Volleyball Association. Internal Counter-Balance Spring: Internal counter-balance system eases height adjustment with a constant tension spring mechanism. No more fixed height settings or awkward pin to set. Telescoping upright glides smoothly and safely up and down. Eliminates potential accidents while changing net height. Powr-Winch Net Tensioner: Provides for super fast net installations. Nylon tension strap on Powr-Winch eliminates cable kinking, coiling and fraying and adds life expectancy to the net. Removable crank handle included. High Tech Design: Telescopic extruded aluminum post design features a unique reinforcing rib pattern offering superior strength to the Powr-Line System. An integral heavy-duty sheave on top of uprights reduces cable drag and undue tension on the entire system. Precise net height is achieved by means of a heavy duty pressure lock T-handle which allows infinite height settings. Volleyball net not included with standards. VB141D or VB142D net recommended (see page 169). Floor sleeves not included.

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