Mega Mirror 96" X144" X 1-7/16" Thick


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Our MirrorLite R&D team has put together a wide format film that allows for production of seamless mirrors up to 12 feet wide. Since it is made on a roll you may order any length you need. MirrorLite MEGA Mirrors allow for theater sets with minimal seams and greatly reduce the labor associated with installing stage size backgrounds. An 8’x10’ MirrorLite MEGA Mirror weighs only 26 lbs. Seamless imagery is critical for photography and video shoots, allowing for unique perspectives for the camera or audience. Entire rooms can be constructed with MirrorLite MEGA Mirrors for infinity effect of reflection within reflections. MEGA Mirrors are especially effective in dance studios, gyms and performance spaces.

Dimension: 96 x 144 x 1.4375