Gaga Pit 20 Ft


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Gaga Pit 20 Ft


Easy to learn, GaGa is fast-paced and fun for all regardless of skill or abilities. Players start the game inside the pit when ball is introduced into play. Players chant "GaGa" on the first two bounces, and "Go" on the third indicating play is live. The object is to avoid being struck by the ball while deflecting it with an open or closed hand. If the ball hits players below the knee, they are out and must leave the pit. Last player standing is the winner. Quick and easy set up, durable, lightweight, rotationally-molded plastic panels, molded one-piece corners - no gaps to catch fingers. Features "no tool" connection mechanism. All panels are 28"H x 8"D.

Includes: (32) 100-border 12" and (16) 100 GaGa Stanchions