Functional Forms Sidelyer Small


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Functional Formsand Sidelyer Small


Helps to maintain a right or left sidelying position. All models feature a 10 deg; incline that keeps users from falling forward and allows better pressure distribution through the bottom, hip, and shoulder. This position typically allows the body to relax and the joints to become more flexible. Often helps decrease spasticity and primitive reflex patterns and improve head movements. Colorful, comfortable back and base pieces separate for easy transport and storage. Denier nylon covering with polyurethane coating is antibacterial and antifungal. Foam and fabric meet or exceed CAL 117 fire-resistant requirement. Includes safety strap. To determine size, measure from the top of the head to mid-thigh area for length; width of the pelvis or shoulder, plus 2" (5cm) for width; upper-arm length from the back of shoulder to elbow for height. SIZE: 40"L x 14"W x 12"H (102 x 36 x 31cm).