Flaghouse Safety Mats 12 Inch Thick 6' X 12'


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Flaghouse Safety Mats 12 Inch Thick 6' X 12'


These mats are a great safety piece for your students with disabilities. Falling properly is a taught skill. Students with disabilities can have poor balance and need to be taught how to protect themselves.

  • Use these mats to teach your students to proper techniques of falling. Practice rolling across the mat, and then have them fall on their side. With the safety mat they will learn how to be safe when they fall in a hallway or outside.
  • Made of shock-absorbing, polyurethane foam in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet every need
. Covered with 18-oz. vinyl knife-coated nylon. Side handles are reinforced for strength. Nylon mesh breathers on sides allow escape and intake of air (4" mat has no breathers). Maximum shock absorption. Use with gymnastics apparatus or where falls are likely. Royal Blue, Yellow, Forest Green, Red have matching nylon breathers. All others Grey. SPECIFY COLOR: Royal, Sky Blue, Navy, Red, Pink, Wine, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Light Green, Forest Green, Grey, Turquoise, Black, or White. SIZE: 6' x 12'.