Collegiate Two-Court Volleyball System, Less Floor Sleeves and Covers


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Product Description

Spike and block yourself to victory with the LIBERO Master Multi-Sport System. The 7207 two-court system features 4" padded aluminum uprights are ready for a variety of net sports including volleyball, badminton, pickleball and tennis. Our competition net, sideline markers and antennas are easily set by sliding rail mechanism intergrated into upright to athlete play level and tightening handled winch.
  • Same features as our 7202 system
  • but for facilities with existing floor sleeves and cover plates
  • Two-court system is perfect for facilities with limited gym space
  • but still require two courts
  • Easy glide rail system allows for hassle-free net height adjustment

Additional Info

Top-quality multi-use LIBERO Collegiate multi-sport volleyball system. features infinite net height adjustment to 8, allowing volleyball, tennis, and badminton play ideal for multi-purpose facilities. 4 O. D. Uprights are constructed of a strong, yet lightweight anodized extruded aluminum for superior support and long life. Net height is achieved by sliding the inside post rails to desired setting. easy-to-operate ratchet winch sets net tension. New 3-point net attachment makes set up quick and easy. Height indicator decal includes Mens (7 11 5/8), Womens (7 4 1/8), and Juniors (7) net heights applied in the field to your facility conditions. Exclusive wedge lock holds sliding rail system securely. One, two, and three-court systems available. Meets USVBA, NCAA, and NFHS competition specifications. 10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ON POSTS AND 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ON WINCH ASSEMBLY, LOCKING RAILS, FLOOR SLEEVES AND COVERS. 7200 SYSTEM FEATURES 1. Multi-use system with infinite net height adjustment for volleyball, tennis, or badminton 2. Easy glide rail for quick height adjustment without ever removing the net 3. Heavy duty ratchet winch for smooth and easy net tension adjustment handle that folds for added safety 4. Cam lever with GAREDS exclusive wedge lock design holds the net securely with no creeping 5. Lightweight 4 O. D. Aluminum posts with inset grooves for added strength

Additional Specifications

Brand: GARED
Product Color: SILVER
Product Material: ALUMINUM
Product Finish: ANODIZED
Country of Origin: US
Product Play Level: NAIA, NIRSA, Recreation, Youth


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