Caframo Universal Digital Stirrer (bdc3030) 20-3000 Rpm


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Caframo Universal Digital Stirrer (bdc3030) 20-3000 Rpm


This line of stirrers offer accurate control for precision research and power for high volume/high viscosity lab or pilot plant applications. Each comes with a clear chemically resistant hinged chuck guard that conveniently snaps onto the stirrer. The heart of the BDC line is the microprocessor controlled, high performance Brushless Direct Current (BDC) motor; a unique two speed transmission transfers the motor's power to the chuck with 95 percentage efficiency, providing incredible amounts of power.
Each model includes calibration certificate, chuck, chuck guard, key, support rod and power cord. Clamp, stand and impellers
are available.

Key Features

  • Brushless DC Motor: Automatic overload protection; High efficiency; less heat
  • Chuck Guard: Safely encloses spinning chuck to protect user and chuck from splashes
  • Electronic Control: Digitally displays rpm and torque; Keypad allows precise speed adjustment; Maintains set speed as solution viscosity changes
  • 2-Speed Transmission: Smart automatic transmission selects high-torque or high-speed range; Maintenance Free; Quiet and dependable
  • Unbeatable Quality, Value and Durability : Totally enclosed non-ventilated rugged metal housing; SST chuck adjustable up to 3/8" (10mm); Hollow through shaft for simple impeller adjustment; Ideal for continuous use
  • Accurate Output (see table below)
Display Accuracy (Speed) +/- 1rpm or +/- 1 percentage of reading
Torque +/- 1 lb or +/- 5 percentage of reading
Electrical Input 120V, 50/60Hz, 5 amps
Output Power 1/5 hp, 150 Watts
Weight 11 lbs (5 kg)

Universal (BDC3030) 20-3000rpm Maximum Torque 30 lbs

Description: Universal Digital Stirrer
Low Speed Range: 20-600rpm
Maximum Torque: 30 lbs/480 oz/339 N (cm)
High Speed Range: 600-3000rpm
Minimum Torque: 6 lbs/96 oz/68 N (cm)