Aaasp Beep Baseball Set


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Aaasp Beep Baseball Set


Get everyone in the game! Mansion Select, the equipment supplier for AdaptedSports , proudly announces its affiliation with Project ASPIRE. This venture is designed to get EVERYONE in the game. Beep Baseball offers a great opportunity to involve sighted players with athletes with visual impairments. The ideal playing surface is a level, grassy field. While the field setup is traditional, Beep Baseball uses only 3 bases (home, first, and third) instead of 4. Special equipment such as the 16''circumference beep baseball and beep bases contain implanted electronic devices that provide players with auditory cues, signaling when to swing at the ball, where the ball is located on the field, and base location. This value-priced set contains equipment essential to a successful experience. Official Beep Baseball rules included. You receive: 1 AAASP Wireless Beep Base Set (W12611), 1 EASTON Softball Bat-27 Inch (W10898 27), 1 EASTON Softball Bat-28 Inch (W108989 28), 1 EASTON Softball Bat-31 Inch (W10898 31), 1 Project Aspire Video, 8 P andS Anchor Stakes, 1 AASP Beep Baseball Rulebook, 1 Open-Reel Fiberglass Measuring Tape (W4030), 1 Paint Field Striper (W3711), 1 Athletic White Paint (W1510), 3 Blindfolds (12081), 1 Pitcher's Rubber (W287), 1 CRAMER Coach 's Team First Aid Kit (W12878), 1 WORTH Fastpitch Softball Bat with Extended Sweetspot-29 Inch (W12445 29)

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