5-Man Big Boomer Sled With Man Pads


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5-Man Big Boomer Sled With Man Pads

Tough, durable and guaranteed for 5 years. All metal surfaces are powder coated to prevent rust. Realistic fulcrum pivoting action conditions your players to achieve leveraged power over an opponent without losing their balance. The only sled that is completely adjustable. Adjust spring tension, pad height and angle. Each individual blocking unit is made up of "pigs" and pads. The "pig" is constructed with a high strength 1/4" steel plate, double welded for maximum strength and durability. The "pig" attaches to the steel chassis and is fully adjustable. Exclusive spring tension adjustment is an integral part of each "pig". The pad fits onto the "pig" and is fully adjustable. Sled skis are formed, not cut and welded, at a 30 degree angle assuring you of a smooth transition over your grass without chewing up the turf. Individual components allow stations to be added as the need arises or budget permits. Heavy-duty, 18 oz. vinyl pads. The core of each pad is built with high quality, rust resistant steel surrounded by high density, 100 lb., high impact resistant foam. Each pad is then double and triple stitched for durability. Specify pad color. Ships Freight. 954 lbs.

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