Randy 9000 Manikin For Optimal Training Use


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Randy 9000 Manikin For Optimal Training Use

This manikin was designed with the end user entirely in mind. It was designed to be customizable for optimal training use, and is made of rugged polyethylene -- The same material used to produce basketball backboards! Each part's weight can be adjusted with the addition of water, sand, or anything else that can be emptied completely. The empty manikin is easily moved for storage. Each sealed piece is assembled with stainless steel hardware. Its range of motion includes bending at the waist, and mimics real life. Randy 9000 is perfect for RIT or Combat Challenge as well as ship-board, heavyweight, horizontal rescues or lightweight packaging exercises like spinal immobilization. He is useable in all weather conditions and the joint design protects rescuers.

NOTE: The Randy 9000 Manikin For Optimal Training Use is currently backordered indefinitely with the manufacturer due to materials issues.

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