Bariatric Rescue Manikin Suit


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Bariatric Rescue Manikin Suit

Simulaids was approached by a physician after he was involved with a difficult house extrication of a rather large patient. It became evident that standard patient handling techniques were not suitable for the extrication of morbidly obese patients. The physical limitations of the buildings in which some of these patients reside also required special consideration. The Bariatric Rescue Manikin Suit replicates the weight and the movement in body tissue associated with morbidly obese patients. This simulation is made possible by an exo-suit which allows the user to add up to 440 lbs. of water. When the exercise is complete, the water can be simply drained away thus making the manikin more portable. In its dehydrated version, the manikin can be easily transported between locations.
The Bariatric Suit fits ONLY the Regular Rescue Randy original 5 ft. 5, bald manikins. For manikin use only.
Made in the USA by Simulaids. Please note : All Simulaids products are made to order, and there is typically a 2 week lead time.

For the tutelage of daring adventurers in the field of medical aid, these rescue manikins are ideal. Procedures such as IO infusion, femoral injection, CPR, harnessing and lung reinflation are made easy and understandable with this line of highly detailed and durable manikins and simulators. We carry the highest quality anatomical models for the lowest prices on the web at